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  1. Specify The Width And Height Of The Rectangular Boundary Of The Object To Be Analysed.
  2. Enter The Material Properties And The Number Of Rows And Columns Of Nodes.

    WARNING : Larger Number Of Nodes i.e. Greater Than 150 Require A Fast Processor Like Pentium II And May Cause Large Delay In Calculation If Tried On Lower Processor )

    This Trial Version Lets You Work With At The Most 64 Nodes ( 8* 8 ) For Working With More Nodes, You Will Need The
    Full Version

  3. You Can Change The Shape Of The Body By DRAGGING The Nodes With The Mouse
  4. Change The Properties Of Nodes And Elements By Selecting Them With The Mouse And Changing Data In The Node Properties Column
  5. You can click on the REMOVE button in the Element Properties to create holes in the 2-D Plane
  6. Set Constraints Like CX = 0 ; CY = 0   And Specify Forces In X And Y Directions At Appropriate Nodes
  7. Specify Pressures Acting On Nodes Of Various Edges
    Specify Proper Signs For Pressures depending On Direction
  8. If A Specified Constraint Or Pressure Has To Be Removed , Enter "null" Or Just "n" Against It
  9. The Program Will Obtain The Stresses And Node Displacements And Also Provide Plot Of Stress And Displacements Using FEM
  10. You Can Click On Any Node To Get Its Displacements And On Any Element To Get Stresses In It



The full version of this Software is FREE and has additional capabilities like :

  • Saving Your Models and Retrieving Saved Models

  • Printing The Models And The Stress Distribution Plots

  • It Allows You To Work With Unlimited Number Of Nodes
    ( Depending On Your Processor Speed )


Click Here To Download The Full Version
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View the "readme.txt" file on download